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An Omni-Channel experience from the start

1Retail ... Mobile on Windows, Android and soon Apple devices

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If you want a Retail System Built for Today not Yesterday?

Consider the Benefits of 1Retail.


1Retail is a Retail Point of Sale System that was designed from the start to be as easy as a phone app to use. We set out to deliver a user experience that users were already familiar with, comfortable with and would not find difficult to use. As the world moves forward towards a fully mobile, “always connected” business model, we are ready with software designed to operate in that environment today and in the future. read more


1Retail was designed to take full advantage of the financial, distribution, inventory, customer and other data that you have generated in Acumatica ERP.  Acumatica allows us to deliver integration unheard of in the existing Legacy Retail Point of Sale Systems being sold today. read more...


Install the 1Retail Acumatica Integration Module, setup your preferences and sit back while 1Retail configures your Retail System based on your existing company data. Deep integration into Acumatica means that we can leverage significant amounts of your existing ERP data to operate your Retail systems and complete the full omni-channel experience that your customers are expecting.

This approach to developing 1Retail means that we can deliver timely information to 1Retail users when they need it. read more

Exclusively for ACUMATICA ERP
  1. Customer Centric
  2. Developed using the Acumatica SDK
  3. Fast
  4. Secure
  5. Scaleable
  6. Mobile or on Premise
  7. Designed for the Cloud
  8. Easy to Deploy in the Cloud, Hosted or on Premise


1Retail is deeply integrated to Acumatica ERP to provide unmatched delivery of an full omni-channel experience when integrated to Acumatica ERP and you web store. 1Retail was developed in the Acumatica SDK to ensure consistent access to transactions regardless of the source.


1Retail was designed from its inception to grow. Retail businesses, unlike many businesses grow by adding stores or retail outlets. The ability to quickly and easily add additional branch outlets is a key retail business requirement. In 1Retail, this is easily accomplished by adding additional branches (store HUBS) in Acumatica and installing 1Retail store HUB software at the new retail outlet.


“Consumers expect a near seamless cross-channel shopping experience (from E-Commerce sites to Warehouse Locations to Retail Stores). They expect the products that they want to purchase to be readily available, expediently delivered or available for pickup. They expect that you maintain near-perfect order fulfillment rates.”


Retail going forward will be all about re-connecting with customers and maintaining the relationships that you cultivate. 1Retail can help manage and give you access to the customer information that you require to manage customers when you need it.


1Retail uses network security, Rest, SSH, data encryption and certificates wherever appropriate to provide protection to your data.



1Retail was designed from the start to be fully mobile or installed in your stores. 1Retail is fully scalable  and can be deployed in 1 store or many, can be mobile,  can be hosted or installed on premise. The choice is yours.

1Retail can operate online or offline and seamlessly transition from one mode to another. Even in the middle of a transaction.


1Retail partners with American Payment Systems for fully integrated card present payment processing


You’ve got all this data, why not use it. Loyalty helps you keep connected to your customers.

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