Omni-Channel Arrives for Acumatica




“Consumers expect a near seamless cross-channel shopping experience (from E-Commerce sites to Warehouse Locations to Retail Stores). They expect the products that they want to purchase to be readily available, expediently delivered or available for pickup. They expect that you maintain near-perfect order fulfillment rates.”


Acumatica, 1Retail together with your web store could be the compelling omni-channel solution that you have been looking for.

In a world of high customer expectations, many customers prefer to research and purchase items that they want online and visit a physical store to purchase them. To support such scenarios, retailers need to revisit their existing order management, Point of Sale and Web Stores paradigm(s) to enable accurate access to their entire inventory across all possible Order Processing and Retail sales channels.  Accessing accurate real-time inventory levels across retail stores, warehouses, fulfillment centers, Web Stores, and any other points in the extended supply chain requires complex consolidation of inventory data that traditionally has lived in legacy point of sale (POS), warehouse management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Traditional Point of Sale and Inventory Processing Systems are now evolving to a point where the strict definition of these systems is becoming blurred. The current goal in most businesses is to have a system that enables “Omni Channel” transaction processing. Simply stated, Omni Channel can be thought of as real time reflection of the current Sales Order Processing, POS and Inventory data from a customer perspective. Regardless of how a transaction is processed, an Omni Channel system will allow your organization to achieve complete optimization of cross-channel fulfillment processes (e.g., pick-up-in-store, ship-to-store, and ship-from-store options) and to process returns or credits in a similar manner (e.g., return-web-purchase-to-store, facilitate-in-store-order-pickup, and return-to-any-store options).

Traditional order management systems are largely centered on order fulfillment, many do not possess the technology to enable next-generation (Omni channel) fulfillment. There is an emerging need to support consumer-oriented features such as buying online, picking up in the store, and fulfilling web orders from retail stores while still allowing existing retail POS and Order Processing to continue operating unimpeded.  An increasing number of retail and wholesale businesses are or will soon be searching for retail order management systems not only to provide a consolidated cross-channel view of inventory and order data but also to support the emerging cross channel sales and fulfillment scenarios that their customers are or will soon demand.