The Future of Retail is all about Mobile and a Better Customer Experience


Your customers experience dealing with you will be the key to your success …


Your customers are demanding a more relevant engaging experience regardless of how they contact you. All of the “Touch Points” to your business including via the in-store experience, the web, smartphones, video or social media must reflect a high degree of interest in your customers and as much information about your products and services as you can provide. Furthermore, customers are demanding access to information of all sorts about your products and services, stock levels and availability in real time. Knowing how to deliver the best possible experience to your customers requires in depth knowledge of and insight into your customers purchasing habits, demands, desires and behaviors. 1Retail™ and Acumatica together with your integrated e-commerce solution form a powerful integrated platform that can collect extensive amounts of customer and transaction data for analysis, planning, promotions and pricing.

In our evolving mobile economy, 1Retail and Acumatica can give you the tools you need now to deliver a state of the art, modern retail experience to your customers.