Retail Reborn …



Customer Centric is simply the process of re-engaging customers based on their history with your organization. Accumulation and analysis of the data collected and other data gleaned for an ongoing relationship with the client will give you the tools to, develop a strategy to enhance their experience with you and in so doing, enticing the customers to engage with you more frequently. By analyzing customer data you can develop a strategy to boost customer loyalty.

1. Good Experience: Make the customer experience as convenient as possible for your customers. Satisfied customers are the best ambassadors of your brand.

2. Customer Loyalty: Recognize customers loyalty in a way that is relevant to the customers.

3. Communicate: Personalize your messages to your customers based on customer history and known preferences.

4. Stock relevant products: As much as possible have the stock on hand when your customers want to buy. Stock what the customers  want to buy.

5. Promote: Promote what is relevant to your customers. Promote what they want to buy.

6. Be Price Competitive: Provide pricing that is fair and competitive with your competition.

7. Listen: Listen to your customers and act on both positive and negative feedback from them.